Camellia Japonica Sasanqua Sinensis Gallon Shrub

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Camellias are available in several forms. We offer Camellia Japonica or the Japanese Camellia, Camellia Sasanqua in several colors, as well as the Tea Camellia--Camellia Sinensis.    Varieties offered changes with availability. Sorry, some varieties are out of stock indefinitely. Please choose from available stock.

Camellias are evergreen shrubs with lovely blooms in Fall, Winter, and/or Spring, depending on your selection.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-9

Camellia Japonica choices:

  • Fifth (5th) Avenue - medium to large solid white peony blooms mid-season
  • Governor Mouton, aka Aunt Jetty - semi-double red peony type blooms in mid-season
  • Gunsmoke - Red, large semi-double blooms in mid-season
  • Marie Bracy - large semi-double coral rose blooms early to mid-season
  • Miss Bessie Beville - medium formal double blooms rose pink early to mid-season
  • Mrs. Charles Cobb - medium semi-double to loose peony red blooms mid-season
  • Nina Avery - medium semi-double blooms rose pink whitewashed mid-season
  • Rena Swick - large semi-double variegated pink and white blooms mid-season
  • Steve Blount - reddish pink large semi-double blooms in early Fall

Camellia japonica Governor MoutonCamellia japonica GunsmokeCamellia japonica Steve Blount



Camellia Sasanqua choices:

  • Alabama Beauty - Rosey red semi-double blooms early in Fall
  • Day Spring - White blooms
  • Kanjiro - Rose pink to rose red blooms in late Fall
  • October Magic Snow Camellia from the Southern Living Plant Collection

Camellia Sasanqua Alabama BeautyCamellia Sasanqua KanjiroOctober Magic Snow Sasanqua


Camellia sinensis - Tea Plant. Grow your own Green Tea.

Camellia sinensis Green Tea Plant

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