Hosta Perennial Groundcover Plant Price Includes Delivery

Hosta Perennial Groundcover Plant Price Includes Delivery
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Hosta. Plantain Lily. Herbaceous perennial groundcover plant for shade.  

*Hosta is available for shipping Spring to Fall while foliage can be identified, and not during winter when foliage has disappeared. Orders received in Winter will automatically be placed on backorder and held for Spring shipping.

Wide variety of foliage shape and color available.

Hosta is grown for its foliage, but some varieties have large fragrant blooms.

Drought tolerant.

Protect from deer who will treat your hosta bed as a salad bar.

Hosta franceeHosta elegansHosta guacamoleHosta albomarginata

Shown above, left to right: Hosta albomarginata, Hosta sieboldiana elegans, Guacamole, and Francee.

Below, Hosta Patriot:

Hosta Patriot


Companions: Any plant which emerges in fall to remain all winter would make an excellent companion for Hosta. My favorite hosta companions are Ajuga and Italian Arum. Also, consider planting early flowering spring bulbs such as Daffodil between the hosta.


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