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Oxalis bulbs and tubers. Often called Lucky Shamrocks. Oxalis requires well-drained soil. You will receive 5 bulbs or tubers. Price includes Priority Mail delivery.


  • Oxalis adenophylla. Purple/Pink blooms and silvery foliage.
  • Oxalis enneaphylla. Scurvy Grass Sorrell. Larger lilac/purple flowers and silvery fine foliage.
  • Oxalis regnelli atropurpurea, Purple Oxalis. Soft pink blooms and purple foliage.
  • Oxalis rubra, Red Wood Sorrell. Bright pink (not red) blooms and lush green leaves. 
  • Oxalis tetraphylla deppei. Good Luck Plant. Four Leaf Clover. Deep rose pink blooms and green leaves with a faint    port wine outline in the center. 

     Oxalis adenophylla Oxalis enneaphylla Oxalis regnelli Oxalis rubra Oxalis tetraphylla

Pictured Left to right: Oxalis adenophylla, Oxalis enneaphylla, Oxalis regnelli, Oxalis rubra, Oxalis tetraphylla.

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