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Saxifraga stolonifera Strawberry Begona Geranium Shady Gardens Nursery
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Saxifrage, Saxifraga stolonifera, Strawberry Geranium, Strawberry Begonia

Not really a strawberry, begonia, or geranium, but a lovely groundcover plant that spreads by runners like a strawberry.

Rounded leaves are fleshy and hairy, with scalloped margins and silver veining. Low-growing foliage forms a mat about 4 inches tall. Evergreen to semi-evergreen, depending on climate. White blooms on tall stems in spring resemble butterflies!

Needs full shade and consistently moist soil. Saxifrage likes the same conditions as ferns and is a great companion plant for them.

Deer Resistant.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-9.

Grows well in containers and as houseplant, but lovely in the shade garden where hardy.

Perennial plant sent without pot. Price includes delivery.

Size shipped: Choose plant size from available sizes, 4 inch pot, quart, or gallon plant with multiple plants that can be divided.

Companion plants: Ferns, Hosta, Arum, Hydrangea.

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