Blueberry Rabbiteye Vaccinium Shrubs for Georgia and Southeast

Rabbiteye Blueberries, Vaccinium ashei
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Vaccinium ashei Rabbiteye blueberry performs well in the heat and humidity of the Southeastern United States. 

*Select 2 or more different varieties for good cross-pollination and plenty of fruit.

Mature size: 4-8 feet tall.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-9.

Gallon plant shipped without pot. Price includes delivery by Priority Mail.

Available Selections:

  • Alapaha - vigorous upright plant that blooms a little later with tasty berries that ripen quickly. Somewhat self-fertile.
  • Alice
  • Austin - medium to large berries
  • Becky Blue - large, tall, bushy plant with large, sweet berries
  • Brightwell - very sweet and tasty fruit that ripens early in the season.
  • Delite - medium to large fruit with excellent flavor, ripening in late-season
  • Climax - large, dark blue fruit ripens early on a spreading bush
  • Powderblue - powder blue fruit ripens mid- to late-season on an upright bush
  • Premier - large, light blue fruit ripens early.
  • Tifblue - large, light blue fruit ripens late. Very productive. Should be in every garden.
  • Woodard - large, light blue fruit ripens early.

They all bloom at the same time, so they will cross-pollinate.

Extend your blueberry-eating season by planting early-, mid-, and late-ripening varieties close together.

Our blueberrry plants are 1 gallon shrubs. You will receive them without the pot but not bareroot. You should be ready to plant them as soon as they arrive.

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