Bulbs, tubers, and rhisomes are sold at the proper time for planting in a Georgia climate. All orders are shipped soon after purchase.

Polygonatum biflorum Solomons Seal Shady Gardens Nursery Colocasia Giant Elephant Ear perennial Shady Gardens Nursery online Polygonatum biflorum Solomons Seal Shady Gardens Nursery
Dichelostemma congestum Native Forktooth Ookow 5 BulbsColocasia Taro Elephant Ear Bulb Price includes DeliveryErythronium Dog Tooth Violet Trout Lily Price Includes Delivery

Dichelostemma congestum. Forktooth Ookow. 5 bulbs.

Colocasia. Elephant Ear Bulb. Price includes delivery.

Erythronium dens canis, Dog Tooth Violet, Trout Lily, Fawn Lily. Native plant. Lily-like blooms on tall stems above variegated or mottled foliage. Prefers shady woodland conditions. Available in Fall only. 3 bulbs.




Lycoris radiata Red Hurricane Spider Lily Shady Gardens Nursery online Mirabilis jalapa Four Oclock fragrant perennial Shady Gardens Nursery online Oxalis Shamrock Shady Gardens Nursery
Lycoris Radiata Red Spider Lily 3 Bulbs Price Includes DeliveryMirabilis Jalapa Pink Four Oclock Tuber Price Includes DeliveryOxalis Shamrock 5 Tubers Price Includes Delivery

Lycoris Radiata, Red Spider Lily, Hurricane Lily. Bright red spidery blooms atop tall leafless stems in late summer and early fall. Set of 3 dormant bulbs. Available May-July only. Price includes delivery.

Mirabilis Jalapa Pink Four Oclock. Very fragrant hot pink blooms. Large Tuber. 

Oxalis Shamrock bulbs and tubers. Choose your species preference. Set of 5. Price includes delivery.