Edgeworthia chrysantha Winter's Gold Paper Bush Rice Paper Plant

Edgeworthia Winter's Gold Chinese Oriental Rice Paper Plant Shady Gardens Nursery
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Edgeworthia chrysantha Winter's Gold. Common names: Paper Bush or Rice Paper Plant. (Not to be confused with Tetrapanax papyrifer, which carries the same common name.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7 - 8 or possibly even Zone 6.

Site: Rich but well-drained soil with regular water. Full shade in the Southern United States. Can take more sun in cooler climates.

Soil Requirements: Well-drained.

Moisture Requirements: Regular water is needed. During drought, the large leaves will wilt when it needs water, much like a hydrangea does. At this point, water very deeply, and the plant will bounce back.

Foliage: Large green to bluish green leaves.

Blooms: Buds form in late summer and early fall. Once the leaves drop, the plant appears to be already in bloom. Then in winter, bud clusters begin to swell and resemble inverted sunflowers up to 2 inches across. Flower clusters of 40 or more blooms begin opening into deep yellow tubular flowers from the outside toward the center. In Georgia, Edgeworthia usually blooms in February, but it depends on the winter we are having. The bloom period lasts about 6 weeks.

Mature Size: 6 feet tall and just as wide.

Pot Size when Shipped: Full Gallon. All our plants are shipped without pot.



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