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Hibiscus mutabilis Confederate Rose. Very tall perennial plant that will grow as large as a shrub in most parts of the Southern United States. Dies down in the winter except in frost free areas. Returns from the roots in late Spring.

Available in late Spring and early Summer.

Despite its common name, Confederate Rose is not native to the Southeast.  Hibiscus mutabilis became popular here during Victorian times. and has remained a beloved passalong plant all over the South. Originally from China.

Hibiscus mutabilis, as the name implies, has blooms that change in color. Another name for this giant rose mallow is Cotton Rose. I believe that name comes from the appearance of the seed pods once they explode. You know cotton is a hibiscus too.

Blooms: There are several forms, but this plant has large double blooms (as shown in the photo) that begin as very soft pink and change to become a very deep pinkish red. (Or should I say reddish pink?)

Foliage: soft fuzzy green leaves resemble a maple.

Site: Full sun - part shade.

Water Requirements: Requires regular water.

Maintenance: After first frost, clean up by cutting the plant to ground level and removing the debris. In areas of only light frosts, stems will take on new growth in spring, but its still best to cut it down to keep a neat appearance in the garden.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-11.

Mature Size: Will be 10 feet tall by end of summer, even though cut down to ground level the previous fall or Spring. Plant where its huge size and height will not be a problem.

Uses: Great for privacy screen in the summer. Plant as single specimen in the front yard for a showy display.

Size Shipped: Gallon plant. (Shipped without pot.) Price includes delivery.

Hibiscus mutabilis dies down in winter here in our climate, so these plants are available Spring to Fall only.

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