Jasmine Asian Vine Gallon Plant Price Includes Delivery

Jasmine Asian Vine Gallon Plant Price Includes Delivery
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Trachelospermum asiaticum. Asian Jasmine.

Uses: Evergreen climbing vine or groundcover. Great for erosion control. Lovely in container gardens too.

Leathery deep green leaves have a glossy sheen. Fragrant pinkish white flowers only appear only when plant is climbing on something. When growing prostrate as a groundcover, it will not usually bloom.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-11. Likes a hot climate.

Site: Prefers part to full shade or even deep shade, but we have some in full sun too that is very prolific.

Very drought tolerant - more so than most turf grasses. Even in extreme drought, needs watering only once a month, according to Fine Gardening Magazine.

Fairly aggressive. A good substitute for turf grass in areas where you don't plan to walk.

Price includes delivery by Priority Mail. 

Gallon plant. Mailed without pot.


*Poisonous if Ingested, so plant with care and watch children & pets that might be prone to chewing on plants.

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