Jasmine nudiflorum Yellow Naked Winter Jasmine Shrub

Jasmine nudiflorum Yellow Naked Winter Jasmine Shrub
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Jasminum nudiflorum.

Common names: Winter Jasmine, Naked Jasmine. Native to China.

Masses of bright yellow flowers on arching green stems in the middle of winter--outside! Use winter jasmine where you want some color in late winter-early spring when most everything else is still dormant and brown. Even in the dead of winter, the willowy green stems are conspicuous and attractive. Winter jasmine is a good choice for poor soils, on slopes, or above retaining walls where the long trailing branches can cascade. Prune winter jasmine back severely every 3-4 years to rejuvenate if you want to keep it as a specimen shrub. Or, it can be trained on a trellis or tied to a wall where it can get more than 15 ft tall.  

Blooms: Golden yellow blooms appear along the stems in late winter.

Foliage: Semi-evergreen. Stems remain green throughout winter, but leaves may defoliate if frosts are hard.

Winter Jasmine looks great when planted on a slope where its stems are allowed to grow in their naturally weeping habit. Stems will root wherever they touch ground, making it an excellent plant for erosion control. It can cover a large area rather quickly.

Naked Jasmine can be grown on a trellis, but it looks best grown on a hillside or cascading over a retaining wall where its fountain-like habit can be enjoyed year round.

Site: Full sun or part shade.

Soil Requirement: Grows well in poor soil.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-9.

Moisture Requirements: Drought tolerant.

Mature Size: 15 feet tall and wide.

Size Shipped: Gallon plant.

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