Lonicera fragrantissima Fragrant Winter Honeysuckle

Lonicera fragrantissima Fragrant Winter Honeysuckle
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Lonicera fragrantissima. Winter Honeysuckle. Kiss Me at the Gate.

Native shrub with fragrant white blooms in winter. Wow!

Semi-evergreen - foliage will drop in colder winters but remains on plant where winter is mild; new leaves replace older unsightly leaves after blooms are finished.

Drought tolerant once established. Water regularly the first year or two until plant is established.

Prefers some shade.

Mature size: 6-10 feet tall and rounded.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-9.

Size Shipped: Gallon shrub with pot removed for packaging.

Available in May, 2018.

Please Note: We have received emails requesting that we discontinue the sale of this plant since it is invasive. However, it is not invasive here where we live, and I have trouble believing it would be invasive elsewhere. I'm not sure why it would be invasive in other parts of the country and not here, but I do know that the mature plants in our garden from which we propagate those we sell do not make more than a couple of seeds each year. We have had no instance of seedlings popping up anywhere on our property, not even in the rich boggy soil where we run sprinklers daily in our nursery area. I can only say that if this plant is invasive in your area, do not buy or plant it. Perhaps our stock plants are almost sterile varieties? I don't know. But we will continue to propagate this lovely old-fashioned plant until I see verification that indicates it is an invasive plant. On the contrary, Lonicera japonica, which is still sold at every big box store in these parts, is growing all over the woods on the neighboring property where it is constantly trying to sneak into our garden both by climbing over the fence and seeding itself into our native plant areas.

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