Magnolia Ashei Bigleaf Tree Shrub Price Includes Delivery

Magnolia Ashei Bigleaf Tree Shrub Price Includes Delivery
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Magnolia Ashei. Bigleaf Magnolia that blooms at an earlier age than others, reaching a height of about 15 feet with a spread of about 12 feet, growing in a more rounded form.

Huge leaves up to 18 inches long. Deciduous.

Blooms: White fragrant flowers up to 6 inches across.

Cones adorned with bright red seeds develop by early Fall and are quite decorative.

Mature size: 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-9.

Needs regular water.

Site: Partial shade. Tolerates morning sun, but hot afternoon sun scorches the huge soft leaves. Needs more water with more sun.

There is some disagreement about whether Ashe Magnolia is a subspecies of Magnolia Macrophylla or a species in itself. It is smaller at maturity than macrophylla, usually multi-trunked, and blooms at a much younger age.

Magnolia Ashei is the rarest Magnolia in North America.

Height of plant shipped will vary, depending on availability. You will receive a plant with a nursery gallon rootball, ready for planting directly in your garden. But if height of the plant is important to you, please contact us by email, and we can tell you the size of the trees currently available.

We sometimes are out of stock on this plant. If we are out of stock, please contact us by email to ask when it will be available.

Gallon tree shipped without pot but not bareroot. Price includes delivery.

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2 or more $22.95 each
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