Bignonia capreolata Native Crossvine Shady Gardens Nursery Bignonia capreolata Native Crossvine Shady Gardens Nursery Polygonatum biflorum Solomons Seal Shady Gardens Nursery
    Bignonia Capreolata Crossvine Native VineCampsis radicans Native Perennial Trumpet Vine CreeperDichelostemma congestum Native Forktooth Ookow 5 Bulbs

    Bignonia capreolata. Crossvine. Gallon plant shipped without pot.

    Campsis radicans. Orange Trumpet Vine. Trumpet Creeper. Cow Itch. Perennial native woody deciduous vine. Price includes delivery.

    Dichelostemma congestum. Forktooth Ookow. 5 bulbs.




    Hibiscus coccineus Texas Star native swamp hibiscus mallow Shady Gardens Nursery online Lonicera sempervirens, Red, Coral, Honeysuckle, Yellow, John Clayton, Shady, gardens, nursery, online Pink Muhly Grass Muhlenbergia Capillaris in Fall bloom.
    Hibiscus Turk's Cap Malvaviscus arboreus Wax Mallow ManzanillaLonicera sempervirens Native Red Coral Yellow Honeysuckle Vine Muhlenbergia capillaris Pink Muhly Native Grass

    Hibiscus Turk's Cap. Native perennial hibiscus. Gallon.

    Lonicera Sempervirens. Native Honeysuckle vine. Not invasive. Coral Red or yellow bloom.

    Muhlenbergia capillaris Pink Purple Muhly Grass. Pink or purple clouds of bloom in early Fall. Gallon.




    Rudbeckia Goldsturm Native Black Eyed Susan Wildflower Shady Gardens Nursery Hexastylus shuttleworthii Callaway Wild Ginger Shady Gardens Nursery Hibiscus coccineus Texas Star native swamp hibiscus mallow Shady Gardens Nursery online
    Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern Delivery IncludedAsarum harperi Hexastylis shuttleworthii Callaway Wild Ginger Hibiscus coccineus Texas Star Swamp Mallow Price Incl Delivery

    Polystichum acrostichoides. Christmas Fern. Hardy native evergreen plant. Quart perennial. 

    Asarum shuttleworthii, Hexastylis shuttleworthi harperi. Callaway Wild Ginger. Little Brown Jug. 4 inch pot.

    Hibiscus coccineus, Swamp Hibiscus, Texas Star. Red Mallow. Native perennial hibiscus. Gallon.




    Hibiscus moscheutos Lord Baltimore Shady Gardens Nursery
    Hibiscus moscheutos Red Native Perennial Price Includes Delivery

    Hibiscus moscheutos Rose Mallow. Native to the Southeast. Huge blooms 8-10 inches wide on a 3-5 foot tall herbaceous perennial plant. Currently growing in a 6 inch pot. We remove the pot before packaging for delivery. Price includes delivery.