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Oxalis bulbs and tubers. Often called Lucky Shamrocks. Oxalis requires well-drained soil. You will receive 5 bulbs or tubers. Price includes Priority Mail delivery.


  • Oxalis adenophylla. Purple/Pink blooms and silvery foliage.
  • Oxalis enneaphylla. Scurvy Grass Sorrell. Larger lilac/purple flowers and silvery fine foliage.
  • Oxalis regnelli atropurpurea, Purple Oxalis. Soft pink blooms and purple foliage.
  • Oxalis rubra, Red Wood Sorrell. Bright pink (not red) blooms and lush green leaves. 
  • Oxalis tetraphylla deppei. Good Luck Plant. Four Leaf Clover. Deep rose pink blooms. Green leaves with        faint  port wine outline in the center. 

     Oxalis adenophylla Oxalis enneaphylla Oxalis regnelli Oxalis rubra Oxalis tetraphylla

Pictured Left to right: Oxalis adenophylla, Oxalis enneaphylla, Oxalis regnelli, Oxalis rubra, Oxalis tetraphylla.

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