Plants for Moist Shade

Aesculus parviflora Bottlebrush Buckeye Shady Gardens Nursery Illicium floridanum, Florida Anise. Shady Gardens Nursery. Rudbeckia Goldsturm Native Black Eyed Susan Wildflower Shady Gardens Nursery
Aesculus White Bottlebrush Buckeye Native ShrubIllicium floridanum Florida Anise Price Includes DeliveryPolystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern Delivery Included

Aesculus parviflora Bottlebrush Buckeye.  Gallon Shrub.

Illicium floridanum Florida Anise. Native evergreen shrub for shade. Red star shaped blooms. Gallon. Price includes delivery.

Polystichum acrostichoides. Christmas Fern. Hardy native evergreen plant. Quart perennial. 




Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle Shady Gardens Nursery Penny Mac Hydrangea, macrophylla, repeat bloomer Shady Gardens Nursery. Kerria japonica, Japanese Thornless Rose, from Shady Gardens Nursery
Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle Price Includes DeliveryHydrangea Macrophylla Penny Mac Price Includes DeliveryKerria Japonica Japanese Rose Price includes Delivery

Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle. A selection of our native American arborescens hydrangea. Gallon.

Hydrangea Macrophylla Penny Mac. Repeat bloomer. Gallon shrub.

Kerria Japonica, Japanese Thornless Rose. 




Hexastylus shuttleworthii Callaway Wild Ginger Shady Gardens Nursery Magnolia Ashei Bigleaf Tree Shrub Price Includes Delivery Magnolia Tripetala Bigleaf Umbrella Magnolia deciduous native tree Shady Gardens Nursery
Asarum harperi Emerald Carpet Lazy K Wild Ginger Magnolia Ashei Bigleaf Tree Shrub Price Includes DeliveryMagnolia Tripetala Native Umbrella Tree Price Includes Delivery

Asarum shuttleworthii harperi Emerald Carpet (Lazy K) Wild Ginger. Little Brown Jug. 4 inch pot. Price includes delivery.

Magnolia Ashei. Rare Bigleaf Magnolia. Deciduous. Blooms at an earlier age than other Bigleaf Magnolias. Huge leaves up to 18 inches long. Blooms up to 6 inches across. Native to the Southeastern US. Zones 6-9. Gallon Tree. Price includes delivery.

Magnolia Tripetala Native Umbrella Tree. Bigleaf deciduous magnolia. Very large leaves. Large white blooms. Requires Shade. Regular water. Hardy USDA Zones 5-10. Gallon plant. Price includes delivery.