Rhododendron Canescens Piedmont Pinxter Pink Native Azalea

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Rhododendron canescens. Piedmont Azalea. Pinxter Azalea. Pink or pinkish white blooms on a deciduous native species rhododendron found growing wild in the Piedmont region of the Southeastern United States. Very fragrant blooms in early Spring range in color from pink, white, or pinkish white. Gallon plant. Price includes delivery. 

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Rhododendron canescens x flammeum 'Razzberry.' Razzberry Azalea is a natural hybrid grown from seed by Earl Sommerville. Deep raspberry reddish pink spring blooms on a small compact shrub maturing at about 4 feet tall. Grows well in warm gardens, so it is ideal for the Southeastern United States. (USDA Zones 6-9)

Rhododendron canescens x flammeum 'Razzberry'Rhododendron canescens x flammeum 'Razzberry'




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