Rhododendron Flammeum Speciosum Oconee Azalea Native Shrub

Rhododendron Flammeum Oconee Native Azalea Shady Gardens Nursery
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Rhododendron Flammeum. Oconee Azalea. Southern native shrub. Deciduous. Blooms can be yellow, orange, or red and might appear anytime in April or May. 

Also known as Rhododendron Speciosum.

Found growing in the wild along the Georgia and South Carolina border.

Although blooms are not fragrant, they can appear in large trusses on a healthy plant happy with its situation. Usually blooms in April, but bloom time depends on the weather.

Native to the Piedmont region of Georgia and South Carolina.

Tolerates heat of Alabama and Georgia very well.

Much variation can occur between plants in this species. Mature size can range anywhere from 3 to 12 feet with blooms any shade from pink, yellow, orange, or red.

Mature size: Can vary but some specimens grow up to 8 feet. 

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6b - 9a. 

Site: Prefers filtered sun beneath pines or hardwoods.

Moisture: Likes regular water but not soggy soil. Considered to be relatively drought tolerant for a deciduous azalea.

Sold as Gallon Shrub. Price includes delivery by Priority Mail. 

Additional options:

  • 'Ed Stephens' - vivid orange-red blooms in May on a deciduous azalea hybridized by Earl Sommerville.
  • 'Jack Melton' - flammeum found growing in middle Georgia by Earl Sommerville. Red blooms if the sun doesn't shine too much on the flowers.
  • 'Jake's Red' - another Earl Sommerville selection with blooms that are more orange than red and appear in a ball-like cluster. Dwarf shrub about 4 feet tall.
  • 'Magenta Rose Flame' - Found growing wild by Earl Sommerville near Milledgeville, Georgia. Magenta rose blooms on a bush up to 12 feet high.
  • 'Razzberry' - a natural hybrid found near Lake Alatoona by Earl Sommerville. Raspberry red flowers with a yellow blotch.
  • 'Red Inferno' - dark orange blooms age to a vivid red. Discovered and registered by my friend Ernest Koone.

Rhododendron flammeum 'Ed Stephens' Jack Melton Jake's Red

Magenta Rose Flame Razzberry  Red Inferno

Top, Left to Right: 'Ed Stephens', 'Jack Melton', and 'Jake's Red'

Bottom, Left to Right: 'Magenta Rose Flame', Razzberry', and 'Red Inferno.'

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