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  • Consumer Agreement
  • Your online purchase indicates your agreement of our Terms and Conditions, including Warranties and Return Policy as stated.

  • Shipping & Delivery
  • We do not ship plants June through August due to extreme temperatures. Orders received in June, July, or August will be placed on Hold and shipped in the Fall. You will receive an email with your expected shipping date sometime in September so we can confirm shipment with you.


    At this time, Shady Gardens Nursery ships merchandise only to locations within the continental United States and not to international locations. Additionally, we do not ship plants to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands. Shipping charges: Shipping is free! If you have questions, please use the link to Contact Us and allow 24 hours for a response.

    In most cases packages are shipped right away and you should plan to receive your order quickly, usually within 7-10 days.

    If delayed shipping is preferred in your case, let us know when you place your order by declaring that in the Special Instructions section of your order form or send us an email: We cannot check weather conditions in your area before shipping to you, so if you don't want your package shipped, you must let us know.

  • Sales Tax
  • Shady Gardens Nursery charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site when shipping inside the state of Georgia.

  • Warranties
  • In a nutshell: Our guarantee is that the plants will arrive safely and in good condition, healthy & undamaged. If they don't we replace at no cost, if you let us know as soon as your package is delivered. However, there is no guarantee on how well they will thrive in their new home, as that is solely up to the gardener and his or her skills with the plants.

    More details: We guarantee your purchase to arrive healthy as stated and true to name. You should examine the contents of your package immediately upon receipt. If there is a problem with your shipment, you must contact us immediately, so that we can discuss refund/replacement of possible damaged items. Plants are perishable, therefore we offer no refund/exchange beyond 7 days of package receipt. Shady Gardens Nursery offers no guarantee that any plant will thrive in your garden. Since we are not able to insure the quality of care, conditions, or climate, we offer no exchange/refund beyond 7 days of package receipt.

    We will not ship plants during the summer. Fall is by far the best time for transplanting. Plants shipped in summer can arrive with wilted, discolored, or otherwise unsightly foliage. Leaf damage from summer shipping does not mean a dead plant, therefore does not warrant a replacement or refund. Purchase plants in summer at your own discretion. If you require a perfect plant, wait to purchase in winter when plants are dormant and temperatures are cooler.

  • Return Policy
  • If there is a problem with your shipment, you must contact us immediately. There will be no refund/exchange beyond 7 days of package delivery. As our warranty states, fall is a better time for plant shipping. Shipment in summer often means wilted, discolored, or otherwise unsightly leaves and does not mean your plant is dead, therefore no refund or replacement is needed. Your purchase in summer indicates your acceptance of our policy.

  • Store Hours
  • Online Nursery available 24 hours a day. We make every effort to respond to any inquiry within 1 business day. We do not have a local store front for you to visit. We are not open to the public.